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Paule Attar Master Stylist At Salon Gem Kirkland, WA
Master stylists are the innovators and pacesetters in the salon industry. More than a mere hair stylist, the master stylist is an artist, educator, and entrepreneur. Master stylists develop trends, set salon standards and act as a spokesperson for the business.

Master stylists are typically the highest-ranking stylists in the salon. They usually help train and mentor junior stylists, helping them move up the ranks to senior stylists. These stylists generally have a large customer base, receive positive comments from existing and new customers, and log regular continuing-education credits. Haircuts and styles by master stylists often are the most expensive in the salon. Their experience helps them use a variety of cutting and styling methods that stylists with less experience might not know.

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Paule Attar was the President, technical and creative director at the “Paule Attar Salon and Spa” since March 1988, in Bellevue, WA. In February 2017, the building the salon was located in was sold. After 30 years, we decided to close the business since another suitable location was not available. Paule now works as a sole proprietor at “LuxLab Salon” at the Carilion Point in Kirkland. Prior to relocating to Washington State Paule was the owner of “Attar For Hair” and a partner in “Cut”, two Beverly Hills, CA salons. Before moving to the U.S. Paule worked at “Alexandre”, a Paris, France high-end salon for 6 years.
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